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Immigration Audit and Compliance Service



The UK law states that all employers in the UK have a duty to prevent “illegal working” by making sure that they do not hire anyone who does not have the right to work. This does, therefore, include any person who has the right to be in the UK, but not necessarily the right to work. Failure to comply with the above can lead to severe sanctions for the employer, often a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per illegal worker. There is also the possibility of the employer himself facing criminal proceedings resulting in an unlimited fine or period of imprisonment.


In order for the employer to defend himself, it is important that he can show that adequate systems were in place such as document checks prior to employment, and also regular checks thereafter. Various documents must be retained as copies with the employers as deemed acceptable by the Home Office.


My Service:


I offer a Fixed Fee Audit of your Business, a Discrete Review of employee documents and also a written report on how to improve the current systems in place to ensure that your business is 100% compliant.


As part of the audit I will:


  • Conduct a detailed review of the businesses existing systems to ensure compliance with illegal working obligations and, advise on how to implement an effective system whereby employee documents checks are made correctly and with the correct regularity

  • Conduct a discrete review of the businesses present workforce to ensure that all staff members are entitled to work in the UK

  • Provide a detailed written assessment of the present failings (if any) and provide advice how to amend the current system

  • Provide on-site training (additional service) if required



If you have already been warned or have received a notice from the Home Office


If your business has already been sanctioned or received a notice from the Home Office of a possible sanction, or issued with a Civil Penalty/ Fine for Employing Illegal Workers I can consider whether you have any options available to you and whether there are a realistic means to challenge the decision. Alternatively, if you have received a hefty fine that may cripple your business, I may be able to ask for a reduction in your fine. 


If having received a Civil Penalty Notice, you can object to the decision within 28 days from receipt. It is vital that detailed legal submissions are made at this stage so that the objection can make a significant difference. I have a very good track record of assisting businesses with compliance matters, having conducted in the region of 150 audits in the last few years for large and small corporations.



If having read the above you wish to speak to me, leave your details in the contact form and I will contact you at your preferred time.

Consultations available by Telephone or in person at Birmingham, London or Manchester


Tel: 0121 746 3002

Mob: 074 1037 6881

Thank You. You will be conacted shortly

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